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promote amnion

to potential clients

You can support Amnion and support life by being well-informed about the services we offer so you can encourage potential clients to come to our center. Most people know we are here for those women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, biblical counsel, and helpful resources.

Did you know we also offer help for those dealing with an abortion decision in their past? Our post-abortion healing can help set people free from the shame and guilt.

Client Phone: 952-898-4357

promote amnion

to your school

“I’m Worth Waiting For!” is Amnion’s fun, interactive presentation that we share with our local high school health classes. Our speakers present how to avoid sexual risk and how to have healthy relationships in a dynamic way.

promote amnion

to your church

Vital to our ministry are the partnerships we have with local churches. You can help promote Amnion to your congregation in the following ways:

  • Make sure your Pastor and Youth Pastor are aware of Amnion and our free and confidential services.
  • Be a cheerleader in your congregation by promoting our events.
  • Bottles for Life is an easy way to promote Amnion and help support our mission. Learn more.
  • Amnion is on the front lines of evangelism. We look to refer women and men to local churches for ongoing care and discipleship. Check out the Making Life Disciples program.
  • Encourage your church leaders to participate in Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January.
  • Gather a group from your church and commit to praying for Amnion regularly.
  • Pastors: Be sure to sign up for our Executive Director’s Pastor Briefing to stay informed about Amnion. Complete the form to the right.

Pastor Briefing Sign Up

promote amnion

to potential donors

For 30 years Amnion has been faithfully supported by a wonderful group of donors who love life! Perhaps you have family or friends who are champions for the unborn and are looking for a life-affirming ministry to support. Tell them about Amnion or host an Amnion in a Box event in your home (see below).

Help us get the next generation of supporters on board by encouraging your kids, grandkids, and nieces and nephews to pray for and donate to Amnion or their own local pro-life pregnancy center.

amnion in a box

A fun and inspiring way to promote Amnion is by hosting an Amnion in a Box event! Everything you need for a successful event is in this box. The goal is to promote the sanctify of life and to broaden the base of support for the ministry of Amnion Pregnancy Center.

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